To ensure the quality and strength of TMT bars, Bharathi TMT utilises state of-the-art technology for processing. In comparison, the other TMT manufacturers in Kerala employ manual processing, that takes longer time to perform and causes irregular cooling of the billet, in turn leading to substantial structural failures. Bharathi TMT uses computerised processing to make sure uniform precision in every stage of production. The temperature of the billets is kept constant in high-speed automated rolling mills that fabricate the bars in 25 - 40 seconds. The steel billets are subjected though 21 to 24 passes in the rolling mill which are significantly higher compared to that of the manually processed TMT steel bars. This ensures high structural integrity and strength for Bharathi TMT steel bars. The steel bars of 400-450OC temperature have to be then put through computer assisted quenching process to bring down the temperature to around 300OC. The resultant bars composed of the brittle martensite on the outside and the inner austenite undergoes further cooling for 5 to 8 minutes on Bharathi TMT’s automatic cooling bed. The cooling here takes place naturally without any manual involvement, preventing possible alterations in dimensions.

The TMT steel bars have to be bound for transportation. When other TMT manufacturers rely on waste binding bars for this purpose, Bharathi TMT uses pneumatically controlled grip straps, ensuring no damage to the TMT bars. Owing to the state-of-the-art technology used in the manufacture of Bharathi TMT steel bars, supreme quality TMT bars are offered exceptional malleability, ductility, bendability, weldability and incredible prowess to withstand earthquakes.


A tradition of 50 years brought to life on the back of state-ofthe-art technology; Bharathi stands tall as the manufacturer of the finest quality TMT bars in Kerala. An epitome of steadfast passion for perfection, perseverance in adhering to one’s principles and propensity to contribute towards the progress of the nation, Bharathi TMT has emerged as one of South India’s most preferred TMT bars. Bharathi TMT attributes every achievement of ours to the invaluable support and affection from our millions of happy customers. Through world-class manufacturing innovations, new age logistics systems, a dealer network rolled out all across South India and the after sales services made available with no compromise on quality, Bharathi TMT has always led from the front in shaping the modern India.

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