The quality of TMT bars produced entirely depends on the chemical purity and quality of the raw materials used to fabricate them. And the purity of the raw material used for fabricating a TMT bar depends on the proportion and form of its constituent elements, namely, sulphur, phosphorus, and manganese. The first stage of thermo-mechanical treatment includes super heating the raw material or steel billet uniformly to 1200OC. Only those raw materials that have undergone uniform heating throughout will successfully withstand the reduction process without any loss in strength and ultimately results in producing the 100% quality TMT bars. When majority of the TMT brands in the country uses ingots obtained from scraps, Bharathi TMT chooses 100% refined steel billets, from the country’s premium steel manufacturers, namely Steel Authority of India (SAIL), Vizag Steel, etc. This leads to the fabrication of the BIS specified Fe500 grade steel bars.

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