Importance of using Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars for your dream house

The use of TMT bars is arguably one of the most important components in the construction of your dream home. Before the advent of Rebars, the Indian construction industry relied on using concrete and Iron bars to build houses. Both iron rods and concrete had their weaknesses and did not prove to be suitable materials in the long run. Thanks to technology, we are grateful to have TMT bars in today’s world.

Some reasons why they are the preferred choice among builders

Strength: Having a soft inner core and hard outer surface not only makes it 20% stronger than conventional steel bars but it also passes through the toughest water-cooling system, making it stronger.

Technology: Superior manufacturing process and latest technology gives TMT Bars an edge over conventional steel bars, with higher tensile strength.

Elongation: TMT Bars not only offer support to the building structure but are also durable and earthquake resistant due to their high elongation property and ductility. Due to this flexible nature, rebars do not develop cracks even after bending to 180-degree. Better elongation is due to better ductility of steel.

Bend properties: TMT Bars have a high degree of elasticity that allows bending which is essential for construction. Their amazing flexibility makes them the ideal choice to be moulded when required into steel frames without any effect on its strength and other utilitarian factors. Using TMT Bars increases the pace of construction while reducing costs.

Corrosion Resistant: High Corrosion Resistance enables TMT Bars to remain stable and workable over long periods of time, without getting rusted or worn out.

Thermal Resistant: High Thermal Resistance is the ability to withstand temperatures, between 400 to 600 degrees Celsius. This will ensure the building's structural stability stays strong and unaffected by fires.

Yield Power: The various grades of TMT bars denote the yield power, so higher the grade strength, higher yield power, higher tensile strength and lesser elongation.

Some reasons why they are the preferred choice among builders
  • Fe 500: Used in construction for buildings, bridges and other concrete structures.
  • Fe 550: Used in construction exposed to humid coastal, marine areas or underground.
  • Fe 600: Used for large RCC constructions.

Things to consider while selecting a TMT bar manufacturer

For better sudden load absorption capacity, Fe 500 bars are preferred because they are more ductile and make it perfect in areas prone to earthquakes, cyclones and other natural calamities. Selecting the right product totally depends on the type/scale and location of the property. And after the requirements are defined, a suitable brand can be selected depending on the quality and reputation.

Advantages of using Bharathi TMT Bars in Construction

A leading manufacturer of finest quality TMT bars, Bharathi TMT has a state-of-the-art quality control laboratory. The quality control stage begins at the billet itself. With fair pricing and finer products Bharathi TMT is way ahead of the rest. With over 50 years of sourcing superior raw materials and expertise in fabricating only the best using high-end machinery & processes, Bharathi TMT manufactures only the finest quality TMT Bars that are on par with international standards. This is achieved by employing the country’s finest consultants to ensure quality control procedures, and delivering quality products at competitive prices.

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