A heritage that is considered to be at the pinnacle of every other, in the world, that can be a guiding light for every other. A land that conceived ideas, technological advancements and construction methodologies those were ahead of time, India. Home to a culture that is respected around the world, India’s legacy has not remained confined to the achievements of its glorious past. The new India has undergone a massive leap on the heels of a concrete infrastructure development that is rapidly on the rise. Its results have become apparent in the many domains that range from science and technology to defence, transportation, art and sport. A country’s prosperity gets measured by the evolution of its roads, bridges, educational institutions, healthcare centres, research facilities, arts and sports establishments; as it is all of those that make up the foundation of its growth. For playing an indispensable part in the rise of these structures in the country, we at Bharathi TMT are proud of ourselves.


A tradition of 50 years brought to life on the back of state-of-the-art technology; Bharathi stands tall as the manufacturer of the finest quality TMT bars in Kerala. An epitome of stead-fast passion for perfection, perseverance in adhering to one’sprinciples and propensity to contribute towards the progress of the nation, Bharathi TMT has emerged as one of South India’s most preferred TMT bars. Bharathi TMT attributes every achievement of ours to the invaluable support and affection from our millions of happy customers. Through world-class manufacturing innovations, new age logistics systems, a dealer network rolled out all across South India and the after sales services made available with no compromise on quality, Bharathi TMT has always led from the front in shaping the modern India.


The ideology of never ever deviating from the path of fair price, whatever the prevailing market trends are along with the pride and drive we nurture, to become a vital part in the country’s growth and development are ingrained in the very framework of Bharathi TMT.


To continuously meet the ever-growing demands of the construction and infrastructure sector and to enhance the company’s annual turnover.


To expand the frontiers of Bharathi TMT further and become the most reliable supplier of TMT steel bars in both the national and international circuits and thereby contribute substantially towards strengthening the nation.

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